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  • Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 67

    Power Cylinder Straight Ahead (Steering Wheel not Turned) When the car is stationary, or when it is movlng straight ahead, fluld from the pump WIII expand the reaction plungers, assisted by the plunger springs, allowing the reaction conlml valve to remain in the neutral position. When the reaction control valve is in neutral, it opens Ihe pons, connecling (he Dump passage (P) to (he reservolr through the rlghl and left (urn passages (A and B) of the power cylinder. In (his position, the only pressure built up in the pump passage is met produced by he main orifice. To RESERVOIR m (P) 0m PUMP _ valid win Left Turn When the steering wheel is turned to the leit, rhe reaction control valve is moved to the right, compressing the reaction plungers. This connects the lelt turn passage (Al ol the power cylinder to the pump passage lPr, and connects the righr rum pes- sage (Bl ol the power oylinder to the reservoir passage in, Fluld now lluws into me power cvllnders Thus, the fully hydraullc pressure developed by the pump is applied to me Ien tum side of the piston in the cylinder. As the piston is moved to the right ihe lluid in the right side ol the piston is returned 10 the reservoirs in RESERVOIR lmm PUMP 1T) (Pl =03flfin b as BL ):- .‘u l_r] ,_1 q. lccmtdl 19-55