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  • Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 64

    Operation F Gearbox (contd) Valve Body Unit In the power steering Link, the method used ‘0 direct a single Source of fluid pressure in elthar 0V Lwo directions or left or ugh! turns) invalves (ha pinion gear transfemng a “message” of direction to [he fluld control valve. The pinion is mounted slightly offrcsmer In a pal! of bearings, which are In (urn mounted in a piniun holder cylinder thal rotates, centered in iis own outer bearings‘ Ax thB bouom of me pinion holder IS a pm, which fits In a slot in the control valve As the pinion is mmsd no turn left or righn, because it is ofircenlered .1 also moves slighuy along me rack. ms move merit IS translerred m the holder. The pin in me holds! then moves the conuoi valve, in direcl fluid pressure ‘0 eizhev side oi (he .ack power cylinder. The back edges oi the plnlon holder rm smps cast into both sides oi the gear housing to avoid pushing Ihe conlrol valve too far ln eixher diieciion. The iron: edge of the plnion holder cuts of! assls‘ al lull locki REACTION CONTROL VALVE PINION NEEDLE BEARING Fm muom CENTER PINION HOLDER PINION HOLDER CENTER ‘ REACYION o! RACK BALL EARIN B 6 pm RACK 19-52