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  • Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 23

    Required Maintenance Schedule SERVICE AT THE INTERVAL OF LISTED KM IMILESI OR MONTHS, WHICHEVER OCCURS FIRST. x I 000 km 20 40 lTEMS x I 000 miles IZ 24 months (2 24 IDLE SPEED AND IDLE CO I | VALVE CLEARANCE I I ALTERNATOR DRIVE BELT I I Re laoe eve 10,000 km I ENGINE OIL AND OIL FILTER @600 miles”, 6 moms TRANSMISSION OIL R R RADIATOR COOLANT R-I COOLING VSYEM H0 Es AND CONNECTIONS I I SECONDARY AIR SUPPLv svsTEM IFor oers using unleeued gasolIue) I AIR CLEANER ELEMENT R-s R-i R R3 FUEL FILTER R INTAKE AIR TEMP, CONTROL SYSTEM“ I TANK FUEL LINE AND CONNECTIONS I I THROTTLE CONTROL SVSTEM’I“ I I CHOKE MECHANISM EVAPORATIVE EMISSION CONTROL SVSTEM I IGNITION TIMING AND CONTROL SVSTEM SPARK PLUGS (For cars usIng leaded petoIrneI a SPARK PLUGS [For cars uslng unleaded gasoline} DISTRIBUTOR CAP AND ROTOR IGNITION WIRING ORANKCASE EMISSION CONTROL SYSTEM BRAKE HOSES, LINES I BRAKE FLUID FRONT BRAKE DlSCS AND CALIPERS I I Inspect evevy 10000 km FRONT BRAKE PADS (6,000 muss) or 6 manlhs REAR BRAKES I I PARKING BRAKE CLUTCH RELEASE ARM TRAVEL ENGINE EXHAUST SILENCER SUSPENSION MOUNTING BOLTS FRONT WHEEL ALIGNMENT STEERING OPERATION TIE ROD ENDS STEERING GEAR BOX AND BOOTS POWER STEERING SYSTEM POWER STEERING PUMP BELT CATALYTIC CONVERTER HEAT SHIELD I -$RS BO 48 48 I I ——28§ an: _,____,,,L _,___.,m_ I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ReReplaoe IeInspeot. Alter inspection, eleen, ediuet, repair or replace if necessalv I REMARK: Day (0 any Dale (such as oil, coolent check and replenisIr u Tnereelter, replace every 2 years or 48,000 km (30,000 milesI, men!) should be done practicellv according to ma Mime“, wmes rim Ownevs Manual. .1 5mm for Kx WM 0 Except ter eerprewr types of Eurepedn and KO, types, -‘ Except Inr oers equipped with Fuel Injection Engine, d Care equipped wifll power tteerinp. CAUTION: The followan ite must be serviced more Ireouently on cars normally used under severe driving condrrIons ReIer la the chart peIow Ior tne appropriate meintenen ” evere driving eon‘ A. Repeated Shane R7 Replace B: Driving in duslv condiIione I—IMpecIr AIter Inspection, eleen, edIust, repair or replace rl neoeseery. 0: Driving in severe, cold weather D: Driving In areas using reed ssh er otner corrosive rneteriels E: Drivrng on rough end/or muddy roads F: Towing e rreiler Condition Maintenance item M3‘‘°”?°° Inrervel uperetron A, B, F Enprne oil end Oil Iilter R Every 5,000 Itrn (3,000 milesI or 3 rnentns A, B, D, E F Front brake diees and calipers I Every “3,000 km (6,000 miles) or 5 months A, a, c, E, F Cluten release errn travel I Every I0,ooo km (5,000 milesI or e monlhs a, c, E Power steering Syslem I Every 10,000 km (5,000 s) or s mDnlhs 4-2