Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 69

  • Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 69

    Fuel System r Fuel Tank Replacement Place a jack, or other suppon, under the tank Remove the fuel tank. lnslall m on rovers. order of removal. upon flame may from work or”. 0 Block iron! whul: bola jacklng up rear of (an 5 0 Do not smoke whilu working on fuel syn-ml K-cp e_ Remove me srrap nuts and In rhe strips fall heel 7 B l. Raise rear of the car and place Iack stands in the proper Iocarions. 2. Remove the drain bolt and drain the luel imo an approved conlainer. 3. Disconnect rhe sending unit connectors. 4. Disconnect the hoses. CAUTION: When diwonn-cting the hour, slid. back thc clamps, than twin how u ynu pull, to «aid damaging mum DRAIN BOLT so Nan (5.0 kg—m, 36 Ib-hl *7 TANK STRA? B x l.2§mm 22 Min (22 ko-m, 16 lb“) 11-46