Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 70

  • Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 70

    .6 — Fuel Gauge Testing i — Fuel Sending Uni‘ Testing 1. Disconnect the tuel tank wire harnass connectors. 1. Remove the tuel tank (page 1146) Connect the Yellow/White wire to the Black wire 2. Remove the fuel gauge sending unit. FUEL SENDING WRENCH mean—$20000 FUEL SENDING UNIY 2. Turn the ignition switch ON. 3. Measure the resistance between the terminals at Check that the pointer oi the fuel gauge starts E (EMPTY), 1/2 (HALF FULL) and F (FULL) by moving toward F. moving (he float. CAUTION: Turn the i... on switch OFF within Float Position E (4.2 Ill 1/2(20.5 (2) F (39 ll) 5 xemndx, before the pointer reaches F mark on Resistance the gauge dial. Failuve to turn the ignition switen W, 35410 15-5495 *5 OFF beiole the painter reaches the F mark may can. damage to the uel gauge. jfg F 705 mm F (39 ll) 135.5 mm 1/2 (20.5 2) E g E (4.2 E) o H unable to obtain the above readings, replace 0 It the pointer of the fuel gauge does not swing at the me] “hit with a new ong‘ all, check the fuse, wire harness and coupler. Replace the fuel gaugs if they are normal. - inspect the fuel gauge sending unit if the fuel gauge isOK, 11-47