Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 68

  • Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 68

    6t 7. 8. Connect the pos‘ ‘ terminal of the tester to the Blue/White wire (0 in the coupler and ground the negative terminal to the body. C A © BLUE/WHITE Turn the ignition switch to START position. 0 The tester should indicate battery voltage. — If there is no voltage, check the wiring between the ignition switch and main relay as well as the starter fuse Na. 1, connect a jumper wire between the Yellow/White wire ® and Yellow wire 6) in the couplen 0 The Vuel pump should wurk. 7 If the fuel pump does not WDrk, check the wiring between the battery and fuel pump and the wiring rram the fuel pump to the ground (Black Wire}. : G) VELLOWIWHITE A (D VELLOW JUMPER WIRE — FueI Cut-Off System L 2. a Start the engine and warm it up to operating tem- perature. Check that the engine idles smoothly. On cars equipped with manual transmission: discon- nect the vacuum hose from the dashpot of the throttle body. VACUUM HOSE Use a stethoscope to confirm that the injectors are working; they shauld make a clicking sound. While listening to an injector, raise the engine speed to 3,000 rpm then release the throttle; the clicking af the injectors should cease momentarily when releasing the throttle. O I! the clicking does no! cease, check the ECU, throttle angle sensor, or wiring between the in» jector and ECUt Consult the troubleshooting Chart according to the pattern of the selfi- diagnosis lamps on the ECU (page 1H3 or 15). 11-45