Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 66

  • Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 66

    .é’l — Fuel Pump Replacement —— If you suspect a problem with the fuel pump, check Do not .tmoke while working on fuel that the fuel pump actuallv runs; it should make noise symm. Kelp open flames lw-V from your work when it is ON. If the pump does not make noise, chm area. as follows. 1. Jadlt up car and place jack stands in proper loca- tions. 1. Jack up car and place jack stands in proper locations. 2. Remove [aft rem wheel. 3, Remove the fuel pump cover. 2. Remove lelt rear wheel. 4. Remove the three bolts, then remove the fuel pump with its mount. 3. Remove the fuel pump cover and disconnect Yellow 5. Disconnect the fuel lines and electrical wires at the and Black wires. connectors. CAUTION: as sun to turn the ignition switch OFF before disconnecting the wim. 4. check that battery voltage is available at the fuel pump wire couplers when the ignition switch is turned 0N. (Positive probe to the Yellow wire, negative probe to the Black wire) 6. Remove the clamp and then remove the fuel pump. 7. Remove the fuel line and the silencer from the pump. FUEL NOSE 23 ml (2.3 km, / 20 lb!“ 0 If battery voltage is available replace the fuel ® ° pump. 0 If there is no voltage] check the main relay and SILENCER [Reid-De wire harness. CAUTION: Do not ditassomhle the pump 8, Install the new fuel pump on IIS mount. 9. Carefully clean the sealing surface of the flared fuel line, then install it on the fuel pump and tighten the flare nut. Reinstall the fuel hose and silencer on the front of the fuel pump. l0. Reconnect the electrical wires and reinstall the fuel pump. 11. Have someone turn the ignition switch to ON while you watch the fuel pump connections for leaks. Repeat this check two or three times to be sure that there are no fuel leaks, 11-43