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  • Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 65

    Fuel System 7 Fuel Filter Replacement Do not smoke while working on lual system Kelp open Home away from work are]. The filter should be replaced: every 40,000 km (24,000 miles). or whenever the fuel pressure drops below the specified value (255 i 20 kPa, 2.55 I 0.2 kg/cm’, 36 1 3 psi with the vacuum pressure hose disconnected) after making sure that the fuel pump and the pressure regulator are OK. 1. Disconnect the battery cable from the negative terminalu Place a shop towel under and around the fuel filter. Relieve fuel pressure (page 11-37» 4. :lemove the two 12 mm sealing bolts from the I ter. 5. Remove the fuel fllter clamp and fuel filter. 6. When assembling, use new washers, as shown. senwce eou gr l2 N‘m (v.2 karm, s lb-ft) SPECIAL BOLT ‘2 x 1.25 mm 22 N~rn (22 kem. la lh-fll 6x Lo mm 10 N~m (1.0 kg-ml 7 Ib-fll 27 N-m {2.7 kuvlll, :0 Mn F Fuel Pump Inspection Do not make during the test, Keep open flame away horn your work area. With the ignition Mitch OFF, disconnect the coupler from the main relay behind the fuse box Connect the Yellow wire and Black/Yellow wire with a jumper wire. : ELACWVELLOW K VELchw Relieve fuel pressure as described on page -75, then tighten the service bolt. Disconnect the fuel return pipe from the regulator. Turn the ignition switch ON, measure the amount of fuel flow for 10 seconds, then turn the ignition switch OFF. Amount should be 230 ct: (IE 01) min. in 10 month at 12 V PRESSURE REGULATOR D If fuel flow is less than 230 cc (7,3 oz), or there is no luel flow, check for: Fuel pump failure Clogged fuel lilter - Clogged fuel line ‘ Pressure regulator failure 11-42