Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 63

  • Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 63

    Fuel System ,— Fuel System Resistor 1. Disconth the resistor connector. 2. Check for resistance between each of the resistor terminals (E, D, C and B) and the newer terminal (A). Resistance should be: 5—7 9 RESISTOR 0 Replace the resistor with a new one it any of the resistances are outside of the specification. c. _ Fuel Pressure Testing Relieve fuel pressure (page 11-37). I“ Remove the service bolt on the top of the fuel filter while holding the banjo bolt with another wrench and attach the fuel pressure gauge. 3. Start the engine. Measure the tuel pressure with the engine idling and the vacuum hose of the pressure regulator disconnected. Pressure should be: 255 t 20 m (2.55 t 0.2 kg/cm’, :6 t 3 p’si) VACUUM TUBE FUEL Pnessuns GAUGE / onus—omoooo PRESSURE REGULATOR 0 If the fuel pressure is not as specified, first check the fuel pump (page 1142). If the pump is OK, check the following: — If the pressure is higher than specified, inspect for: Pinched or clogged fuel return hose or piping. ‘ Faulty pressure regulator. — If the pressure is lower than specified, inspect for: Clogged fuel lilter - Pinched or clogged fuel hose tram the fuel tank to the fuel pump s Pressure regulator failure Leakage, in the fuel line ~ Pinched, broken or disconnected regulator vacuum hose 11-40