Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 64

  • Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 64

    -—Pressure Regulator 2t .6 Testing: Do not tmoku during the test. Keep open flames away cron- you! work me. If the fuel pressure is not as specified, check the fuel pump Iirst, then check the regulator. 1, Check for pinched or broken vacuum hoses, Check that the luel pressure rises by disconnecting the vacuum hose from the regulator. Premre should be: 255 t 20 “’3 (2.55 e 0.2 kglcml, 36 z 3 psi) VACUUM TUBE FUEL PRESSURE GAUGE / unoa—ooauuoa PRESSURE REGULATOR a If the fuel pressure does not rise, pinch the re~ turn hose 2 or 3 times lightly. snow TOWEL — It the fuel pressure is not as specvfied, replace the pressure regulator. Replacement: .N 95» Do not smoke while working on fuel system. Keep open flame away from work am. Disconnect the negative terminal 0! the battery Place a shop towel under the pressure regulator, then relieve fuel pressure (page 11-37L Disconnect the vacuum tube and fuel return hose. Remove the two 6 mm retainer bolts. NOTE: 0 Replace the o.rings. c When assembllng the regulator, apply clean en- gine all to the O-ring and assemble it into its proper position, taking care not to damage the O~ring, cm I NG Replace s x 1 ,0 mm In N-rrl [1.0 Ira-m, 7 lMtI 11-41