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  • Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 60

    — Dashpot System With the engine shut off, slowly open the throttle arm until the dashpot rod is raised up as far as it will got THROTTLE stow scREW [Nonadiusrablei 1i DASt-IPDT DIAPNRAGM THROTTLE ARM Release the throttle arm and measure the time until the throttle arm contacts the stop screw, Time should be: loss than 2 seconds 0 it the time is over 20 seconds, replace the dash- pot check valve and re-test. - it the rod does not operate, check lor bound linkage, or for clogged check valve or vacuum line. — if they are OK, replace the dashpot with a new one. Fuel System _ Fuel Pressure Relieving .6» 0 I50 not smoke while working on the fuel system. Kelp open flame: or spilrlo from tho work If... e 3e um to I. ve full pasture while tha engine is off. NOTE: Before disconnecting fuel pipes or hoses] release pressure rrom the system by loosening the 3 mm service bolt at top or the tuel filter. Disconnect the battery negative cable from thr bat» tery negative terminal. Use a box and wrench on the 5 mm service bolt at top of the fuel filter, while holding the special banjo bolt with another wrench. Place a rag or shop towel over the 6 mm service bolt. Slowly Ionsen the 6 mm service bolt one complete turn, NOTE: 0 A fuel pressure gauge can be attached at the 6 mm service bolt holel U Always replace the washer between the service bolt and the Special Banjo Bolt, whenever the service bolt is loosened to relieve fuel pressure. Replace all washers Whenever the bolts are re- moved to disassemble parts, SERVICE EDLT I2 N ‘m (It: kw, 9 IN!) 3010? TOWEL FUEL FILTER 11-37