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  • Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 57

    J —ldle Mixture Inspection 4. Check the idle controller boasted speed with the NOTE: A/C on. 0 Perform the measurement in a place with good Idle speed should be: 750 t 50 min (rpm) ADJUSTING SCREW B IDLE BOOST DIAPNRAGM Adjust the idle speed, it necessary, by turning ad- justing screw B. Check me idle speed with headlighm, heater blowerv rear window defroster, and cooling fan on but air conditioner off. It should be the same as normal idle speed. NOTE: It the idle speed is not within specifica- tions, see Troubleshooting on page 1144. ventilation and with no direct exposure to the wind and rain. Perform the measurement while the engine is idling. (under no load). Use a precise tachometer to check engine speed. Use the NDIR CO meter in accordance with the manuiactures recommended procedures. The following inspections and adjustments should be completed before the measurement. Air cleaner element Ignition timing and control system Spark plug: Idling speed Valve clearance PCV valve Start the engine, and, after the radiator cooling fan works two times, further warm up the engine at 3,000 min (rpm) for two minutes or more. Insert exhaust gas sampling probe into the tail pipe at least 40 cm (16 in.) Check specification for idle speed and CO with the headlights off (On Swedish model: on) and cooling fan off. Specified co %: KX model: 0.5% maximum Other models: 1.5% maximum 0n except KX model, if unable to obtain this read- ing, remove the rubber cap on the oontrol box and remove the hole plug on the MA sensor. Adlust by turning adiusting screw of the IMA sensor. 0 If unable to obtain a C0 reading of specified ‘36 by this procedure, check the engine tuen-uo condition. Be sure to put the rubber cap and hole plug on when the adiustnlent iscornpleled. 11-35