Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 58

  • Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 58

    Air Intake System r Fast Idle Valve NOTE: 0 The fast idle valve is factory adjusted, it should not be disassembled. Check the PCV (engine breather) circuit hoses for proper connection and condition. 0 Check that the throttle valves are fully closed. ldl- spud too mu. mu .ngln. ii warmed up. 1. Check whetherthe idling control function is normal (page 11.24), 2. Remove the cover of the last idle valve. 3. Check that the valve is completely closed. If not, air is being sucked irom the valve seat area. It can be detected by pulling your linger on the valve seat area. FAsr IDLE VALVE Assv o If any sucking is felt, the valve is leaking. Replace the fast idle valve and adjust idle speed (page 11-34). Idle speed is too low me: engine is warmed up. 1. Remove the idle adjusting screw. CAREURETOR IDLE ADJUSTING sanw cLEANER 041nm Replace 2, Wash the idle adjusting screw and the air bypass channel with carburetor cleaner. 3. Readjust idle speed alter cleaning. Fm idle speed ii low when enginl is cold (coolant vein- parature bolow 90°C (140°F). (Fm idl. valv. may be stuck closed.) Fast idle spud mould be: 1250—2150 rpm I. Remove the last idle valve assy from the throttle bodv. 2. Apply cold water and cool down the wax pm or the last idle valve to 540°C (Al—86°F). 3. Blow through port A of the fast idle valve, and check that a fairly large amount of air Ms without resistance. OR I MISS Replace A Fun o If air does not flow or the resistance is large, re- place the fast idle valve and adjust idle speed. 11-36