Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 53

  • Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 53

    .6 —- Throttle Angle Sensor Testing] Removal: CAUTION: The throttle stop screw is non-adjust- able. 1. Disconnect the connector of the throttle angle sensor. 2. Measure the resistance between the Brown/Black terminal and Yellow/Rod terminal at the sensor, Nuisance should be: 3.2—~7.2 kfl YNROTl’LE ANGLE SENSOR 0 If the resistance is outside the above range, adjust the installation position of the sensor and re-test. Replace it necessary. To remove the sensor, first remove the 2 shear screws from the throttle body. Installation: 1, Align the pin of the sensor with the throttle valve shaft groove and tighten temporarily. 2. Disconnect the control unit connectors and con- nect the System Checker Harness between the control unit and wire harness connector (P/N 07999—PD6000A). 3. Connect a digital voltmeter positive probe to (:7 terminal of the system checker harness Ind nega‘ live probe to C12 terminal. ooooooooo oooooooooEIoootboooo OOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOO OOOOOQOO 4. With the ignition switch turned 0N, adjust the sensor to a position In which the throttle stopper lever just touches between the stop screw. Then measure the voltage between two terminals, Thore should In: RAE—0,52 V THROTYLE s10? SCREW (Sanory set: Non-aoiustable) 5. It the voltage is within the spe fication, tighten the sensor bolts and put the plastic cap on. anorth aonv PLASTIC CAP BOLT T ROTTLE ANGLE SENSOR s. Alter reassembling the sensor, test the decelera- tion luel cut-o device (page 11-45). 0 If the deceleration fuel cutroff device does not work, repeat steps I throth 5 and check the voltage 11-31