Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 51

  • Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 51

    -Atmospheric Pressure (PA) Sensor NOTE: Check the sensor at the ECU connector, 1. Disconnect the wire harness connector «tom the control unit and connect the system checker haw ness (No. 07999—PD6000A) to the control unit and wire harness connector, 2. Turn the ignition switch ONt Connect adigital volt- meter positive probe to the C9 terminal of the system checker harness and negative probe to the C12 terminal. Thus should he: 2.76—1.96 V 000000000 0000000 000000000 0000000 W 1200 mmHg 1 5 kg/cm’ l l: Gauge reading 100 35a 0.14 0,47 (660) (410) mmHg o n voltage is outside ranges, check for open or Short circuit between the ECU and PA sensor. Replace the PA sensor with 2 new one if the wires are in good condition. .6 —ldle Mixture Adjuster (IMA) Sensor-i [Except KX model] 1. Disconnect the connector of the NA sensor at the control box. 2. Turning the idle adiusting screw fullyl measure res sistanc between the brawn terminal and the green terminal at the sensort Resist/unc- should be: 025 — 62 m ASJUSTING SCREW . If resistance is outside above ranges, replace IMA sensor. NOTE: Whenever me inspection or the replacement of IMA sensor is performed, check specification for C0 (page 11-35). 11-29