Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 48

  • Honda Civic 1986 1987 Service Manual - Page 48

    Idle Control ,— Troubleshooting (cont’d) Alr Conditioner Swim Sign-l [Inflation [KX model only] mafia? system checker harness between ECU and grinamass coupler. Start enginev afivvar switch 0N. A/C Wire? ON.7»_ Check that compressor and condenser coollng fan work. OOOOOOOOO 0000000000 00000000 OOOOOOOOQ 0009000000 00000000 Measure voltage balween as vermlnal (Blue/ M a ‘ Red (+)) and A13 terminal (Black/Red H) of LWVJ system checker harness. NOTE: Voltage will be over ‘ k fik N0 Open circuit in Blue/ 9 V if compressor or con- < ls 0—3 v availabl:>— Red wire balween A/C, denser cooling fan stops when _K diode CDUPIEI’ and ECU. DOWEI’ is cut 0 bV pressure switch or lhermosmt. Idle Control Solunoid Valve Inspection lKX model] Connect system checker harness between ECU and wire harness coupler. Elaciposiliva probe of vokmeter lo All ter~ “‘“’ mlnal (Green/Black in) and negative probe to ooooooooo 0000000000 00000000 R — f h R» 31:33:?” (Bflk/ 5‘“ ° mm 9° ooooooooo 0000000000 00000000 Sxart engine. 7 m NOTE: Measm Open circuit in Black/Yellow wire between No. wmin 10 5e and; 4 fuse and idle control solenoid valve. ° NOTE: No voltage a NO Open circuit in Green/White wire betWEBn idle . < ls 0—15 V available? control solenoid valve and ECU, “amm- Opan circuir in idle conuol solenoid valve. Raise engine_ speed over 1,500 rpm. Faulty ECUl NOTE: Voltage should be above 9 V. Is more than 9 V available? Faulw ECUl 11-26