Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1987 Service Manual - Page 10

  • Honda Civic 1987 Service Manual - Page 10

    CAUTION: Observe all safety precautions and notes while working Protect all painted surfaces and seats against dirt and scratches with a clean cloth or vinyl cover. Work safely and give your work your undivided at- tention. When either the front or rear wheels are to be raised, block the remaining wheels securely. Exchange signals as lrequently as possible when a work involves two or more workers, Do not run the engine unless the shop or Werking area is well ven- tilateclr Prior to removing or disassembling pans, they must be inspected carefully to isolate the cause lor which the service is called for, Observe all safety notes and precautions and renew the proper proce- dures as described in this manual, / g Mark or place an removed parts in order in a parts rack so they can be placed back to their original places or parts from which they were removed or with which they were mated 4t Use special tool when use cl such a tool is speci- fied. 5. Parts must be assembled with the proper looseness or tightness according to the maintenance stan- dards established. 6. When tightening belts or nuts, begin on center or large diameter bolts and tighten them in crisscross pattern in twa or more steps if necessary. 7‘ Use new packings. gaskets, O-rings and cotter pins whenever reassemblingt o O O o O 0 0 O O Q 8, Use genuine HONDA parts and lubricants or these equivalent. When parts are lo be reused, they must be inspected carefully to make sure they are not damaged or deteriorated and in good usable condi- @365 (contd) 1-11