Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1987 Service Manual - Page 11

  • Honda Civic 1987 Service Manual - Page 11

    Preparation of Work 1 -— lcont’dl 10. l2, Coat or fill parts with specified grease where specified grease where specified (page 4-2), Clean all removed parts in or with solvent upon disassembly. Brake fluid and hydraulic components - When replenishing the system, use extreme care not to allow dust and dirt from entering the inside. - Do not mix dillerant brands of fluid as they may not be compatible - Do not reuse drained brake fluid, - Brake fluid can cause damage to the painted sur~ laces. Wipe up spilled fluid at once - After disconnecting brake hoses or pipes from the joint, be sure plug the opening to prevent loss of brake fluid. - Clean all disassembled parts only in clean BRAKE FLUID. Blow open all holes and passages with compressed airr v Keep disassembled parts form airborne dust and abrasives Check that parts are clean before assembly, . Avoid oil or grease getting on rubber parts and tubes. Upon assembling, check every possible part for proper installation and movement or operation. — Electrical Before making any repairs on electric wires or pans, disconnect the battery cables lrom the bat» tery staring with the negative l—l terminal. lax ¢l§ After making repairs, check each wire or part for proper routing and installation. Also check to see that they are connected properly. Always connect the battery positive (+1 cable first, then connect the negative l-l cable i Coat the terminals with clean grease after connect- ing the battery cables. Dont forget to install the terminal cover over the positive battery terminal after connecting. Before installing a new fuse, isolate the cause and take corrective measures, particularly when fre— quent fuse failure occurs Rating! Be sure to install the terminal cover over the con» nections after a wire or wire harness has been con- nected. COVER TERM! AI. 1-1 2