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  • Honda Civic 1987 Service Manual - Page 12

    ~ When removing locking couplers, be sure to dis- connect the lack before performing work. - Couplers may be of two types, those in which the lock is pressed to remove, and those in which the lock is pulled up to remove. Be sure to ascertain the type of locking device belore beginning work‘ The following is a depiction of the means 0! disconnect» ing various typical couplers. @Re esk - When disconnecting locks, lirst press in me Cou- pier Tightly (to provide clearance to the locking de- vice), then operate the tab fully and remove the coupler in the designated manner. firm) When disconnecting a coupler, pull it otl lrom the mating coupler by holding on both couplers. Never try to disconnect couplers by pulling on their wines Belore connecting couplers, check to see that the terminals are in place and are not bent or distorted. Insert couplers fully until they will no longer 90. Some couplers have locking tabs that must be aligned and engaged securely. Don’t use wire harnesses with a loose wire or cou- pler. [iii >< Place the plastic cover over the mating coupler after reconnecting Also check that the end is not inverted. )< (cont’dl 1-13