Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1987 Service Manual - Page 13

  • Honda Civic 1987 Service Manual - Page 13

    Preparation of Work — Electrical (contd) - Before connecting, check each connector cover for breakage Also make sure that the female connec— tor is Xihgt and not pried open from the previous use. - Insert male connectors into the female connectors fully until they will no longer 90‘ - Be sure that plastic cover is placed over the cor» nection. Don’t place the opening of each plastic cover lacing up. - Secure wires and wire harnesses to the frame with their respective wire bands at the designated loca- tions. Tighten the bands so that only the insulated surfaces contact the wires or wire harnesses, O X - A loose wire harness or cable can be a hazard to salary, After clamping, check each wire for securi~ ty in its clamp. O x MM - Do not squeeze wires against the weld or nugget of its clamp when a weld-on clamp is usedr O X LA - After clamping, check each harness to be certain that it is not interferring with any moving or sliding parts of the vehicle. - Keep wire harnesses away from the exhaust pipes and other hot parts, ‘ Always keep a safe distance between wire her» nesses and any heated parts. Knep sumclem amance! - Do not bring wire harnesses in direct contact with sharp edges or corners. - Also avoid contact with the projected ends of bolts, screws and other lasteners. - Route harnesses so they are not pulled taut or slackened excessively. x - 1-14