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    Protect wires and harnesses with a tape or tube if they are in cantect with a sharp edge or corner, ) ““ Clean the attaching surface thoroughly if a plaster is used. Use a spirit wipe if necessary. 0 x Seat grommets in their grooves properly. soles Do not damage the insulator when connecting a Wire Do not use wires or harnesses with a broken insula- tor. Flepair by wrapping with a protective tape or replace with new ones if necessary. Alter installing parts, make sure that wire harness- es are not pinched. After routing, check that the wire harnesses are not twisted or kinked. Wire harnesses should be routed so that they are not pulled taut, slackened excessively, pinched, or interlerred with adjacent or surrounding parts in all stering positions, When using the Service Tester. follow the manu- lacturer’s instructions and those descrihed in the Shop Manual. Do not throw or let parts fall. . as all Rust is the enemy of all finished surfaces. Before connecting connectors and couplers, check the tar. minals and remove, it any, rust using a fine sand paper or emery cloth. 0». 1-15