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  • Honda Civic 1987 Service Manual - Page 32

    Design Specifications Coupe CR—X European Model ITEMS MEmlc ENGLISH NOTES DIMENSIONS Overall Length 3.755 mm I47 I: in. 3.780 mm “18.5 in. wi‘h bumper gualp Overall m LBSD mm 54.2 in. Overall Hugh! 1,290 mm 50.8 in. Wheelbase 2200 mm 36.6 m. Tread Pram/Rear l,400/1,‘l5 mm 55.11557 In, Ground Clearance lw mm 5.9 m, Sealing capaclly 4 2 lks eno Norwayl WEIGHTS Engine Weighl 105 kg 232 lb. Exclude: lransnuasmn Curb Wergm 595 kg 1.973 lo. 905 kg “<51 1,996 lb. 900 kg lleeno, Norweyr 1,955 lb. WeIgM Dismbutlon (F/Hl 555/340 kg 1.2244750 lb. 555/340 kg (5) 1.2461750 lb. 560/340 kg (Finlznd, Norway) l,235l750 Io, Max. Psrmissmle Weight (EC) 1,270 kg 2,300 lb. l,220 kg (KS) 2,6901b. Carving (loading) Wergm 45 kg 59 lb. CAPACITIES Englne on: mm erro relilI lwllh rIIrerI 3.5 I 3.7 us or, 3.1 Imp q! mmel «II 4.0: «,2 us or, 3.4 Imp or Transmisslon Oll: dram end reIrIl 2,3 t 2.4 us or, 2.0 Imp or mrrrel lill 2,5 l 2.6 us or. 2.2 Imp q! Fuel Tank u r lo.s us gal, 90 Imp gal Cooling SvsxernlDra‘ln and Refill dellmr 5.9/45 I 5.2/4.8 US at, 5.2/4.0 Imp gal ENGINE vae Wener cooled. Arcvcle O one Is valves Cylinder Arrangemem 4~cyllnders In-llne,lransverse Bore and Snake 75 x 90 mm l 2.95 x 3.54 i . Compressron Rum a a: 1 Drsnlzcemem 1.590 Cm’ 97 cu m. Valve Tram Timan bell drlven.double overneeo camshall Lubrlcflion Sysum Truchmp pump Fuel Requlrud super or premium grade gasoline wlm 97 Research Ouane Number or higher. Valve TImIng make OPEN w AYDC OPEN measurement beglns CLOSE 35° ABDC CLOSE meesuremem ends Exhausi OPEN 35° EBDC at point where valve CLOSE I3° BTDC reaches I mm ML TRANSMISSION Clumh Slngle plate dry. maphlagm spring Transmrssion Synchvomzed 5 lorward I reverse Prlmary Reducnon Dlrecl l . I Gear Hallo 15( am 2nd 1.944 3rd 1.347 4m 1.033 5m 0.878 Reverse 2.9 l 6 Final Reduclmn Single helical gear. 3.885 ClulEh Lining Area ‘60 cm? 24 5 sq. in. 5155mm seer Type Rack and Pinion lVorreoleI Overallfiatio 21.!ll9. —2‘,7) 20.4llfi.3—21,7)(KE only) Steering Wheel DIarneur 370 x 360 mm 14.6 x 4.2 In SUSPENSION anl Independenl, Strut, Torsion oer sprmg Rear filgld axle, Treilmg arm. Coil sprlng WHEEL Camber Front/Rear —0°10‘/*O°45’ ALIGNMENY Caster 2° 55 Toe~in Frnni 0 mm Rear 2 mm . Sleerlng Axis lncllnatlon l2°55 BRAKES Tvpe, Front Power assmed vennlaied pIsl: TYPE, Rear Ppwlr lssmed dlum Lining Surface Area From/Rear 43.31501 cm} 7.1/7.3 SQ, in. Ellecnve Dlsc Diameter ISO mm 7.6 In. Brake Drum |,D laO mm 7.I m. Pzrkmg oreke Type Machanlcal explndtng. rear rwo wheel makes mes SIze IBSISO m4 82H, lBSISOVRM [KG only) 3-12