Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1987 Service Manual - Page 41

  • Honda Civic 1987 Service Manual - Page 41

    ITEMS METRIC [ ENGLISH umEs YRANSMISSION Cluwh 5-speed Single oIere dry, diaphragm spring HM: Auromarie or HM anque convene! Hondammic TIansmiSSIon 5~spaed Svnchvonized 5 Iorweru 1 reverse Hondemeric 3 Iorwerd speeds I evers! with rordue eonuerrer Aurmneric 4 forward speeds I reverse wixn rorqne convener Primlrv Raduclion Dlrem I : I Gear Ratio 5st Automatic Hondemerio 1st 3.1m 2.500 1782 2nd L823 1,500 1.133 3Id 1.192 0.959 0.777 m 0.866 0,729 — 5». 0.719 _ — Reverse 2.9I s I.s54 L954 Final Reductlon 4.250 3.933 3.588 Clutch Lining Area 147 omz | 22.9 ed. in. STEERING 5937 Type Rick and Plnion Overall Ratio I9.I II 7.91 . I I I with P/s Tun“, Wtkvlmlock Ll Sleeriuu Wheel Diamekev 377 mm I I43 In. SUSPENSION Type. anr ’ Independent, Sum. Tmsion ha! s 9 type. Rear Rigid axle, minnq arm, Coll spring WHEEL EumnEan Oineis “Gm‘m Camber From/Real 0° I6’l—O°45’ 0°20Iro°45‘ Caster Ins’ 2°25 2°00 -2°35 wuh P/s Toe Fronr 0 mm Iain.) Real IN 2 mm [0.08 in.| sieeiing Axis Inclinauon 11°54’ I I roo BfiflKES Type, FY00! Self-adjunan Dowel-disc brake Power assisted venulawd disc IKX. KY) Yypa, Rear Powev Assvfled dull“ Lining Surface Area From/Rem 35.31575 omZ 5.5/3.9 sq sen/57.6 cm: «X, xv: 5.6/3.5 sq. m, Enecrive nIec nianmer Iso mm 7.5 , Erake Drum LD. zoo mm 7.9 In, Jerking Brake Type Mechnmcnl Expanding, ieer Iwo wneeI orekes RES SIza 1555R13 (KF, K6, K5, KX, K5, KW, XE) |65$R13 (KV) 1 75/705fi13IKOD 6.15434FR IKP, KT, KU) ELECYIICAL Banerv 12 v-47 AH 12 v—45 AH IKF. KE) 12 11—40 AN 1K0, KT, KU, KP, KY) Suner 12VV|.4 KW, IZVAIVO KW,12V—0,B KW Airernsror I2 v—so amps MaIn Fuse 55 A x1,45 A x z Hemllghu 12 visa/55 w ant Turn Signal Ugh“ 12 V721 W P0512100 Lights 12 V—5 W Inxevior Uth 1 2 V—5 W Renr Yum Slgnal Lighrs I: v—2I w Stun/Tailllgms I2 V—21/6 w Trunk Light 12 V—3.4 W ammo Lime ‘2 v—2I w License Ligms I2 v—5 w Ree. Fog Ligme I2 v—2I WIECI 3-21