Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1987 Service Manual - Page 8

  • Honda Civic 1987 Service Manual - Page 8

    Towing - Towing 1. If possible, always tow the car with the front wheels off the gmund. Do not use the bumpers to lift the car or to support the car’s weight while towing. Check local regulations for towing with a rope or frame-mounted tow bar. A rope may be attached to the hook shown in the illustration. Do not attach a tow bar to either 4 bumper. It the car is to be towed with four wheels on the ground. observe the following precautions: Wheels and axle must not be touching the body or frame. Turn the ignition key to the l position and make sure the steering wheel turns freely. Place the transmission in NEUTRAL. Release the parking brake. DO NOT exceed 55KPH (35 MPH) for distances of more than 80 km [50 miles). TOWING POINT