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  • Honda Civic 1988 Service Manual - Page 14

    Towing - Towing it towing is lioness-w. we recommended the following: Fllt Bed Equipment: Entire car ls winched on a flat bed vehicle. This is the best way of towing the ear. ‘ Wheel Lift Yype: Pram or rear ol the ear l5 Iihed at the wheels and is suitable far the car. CAUTION: if I sling type tow is used, the tow tnrck driver should pnsition wood spacer blocks betwnen your car’s frame and the ehains and lift stmps to avoid damaging the bumper and the body. Do net use the bumpers to lift the car or to suppnrt the cars weight while towing. Check local regula- tions for towing. TOWING HOOKS mergency towing with all four wheels on the ground: lnder certain emergency conditions, the car may need 3 be towed with all lour wheels on the ground. if the ar is towed with all four wheels on the ground, check local rgulatrons and observe the {allowing precautions: I Shift the transmission to neutral. 0 Release the parking brake. . Turn the ignition to the l position to unlock the steering. 0 Do not exceed 55 kph (35 mph) or tow for distances of more than 80 km (50 miles). a frame mount tow bar is used with a lour wheel tow: 0 Do not attach it to the bumper. I Follow the tow bar manufactuiers instructions. Never use tow chains or rope to tow 3 ca your ability to saler control the car may be adversely affected. J