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  • Honda Civic 1988 Service Manual - Page 16

    Preparation of Work CAUTION: Observe all Safety precautions and notes while working. 1 . Protect all painted surfaces and seals against dirt and scratches with a clean cloth or vinyl caver. 2. Work safely and give your work your undivided atten- ‘Iflnt When either the front or rear wheels are to be raised, block the remaining wheels securely. Commu~ nicate sgnals as frequently as pnsubla when work involves two or more workers. Do not nm the engine unless the shop or working area is well ventilated. 3. Prior to remaving or disasembling pans, they must be inspected carefully to isolate the cause for which service is necessary. Observe all safety notes and precautions 1nd follow the proper procedures as de- scribed in this manual. . Mark at piaDe all removed parts in arder in a parts rack so they can be reassembled in their original places. V m! a“ 4. 7. Use special tools when use of such ‘3 specified. Parts must be assembled with the proper torgue according to the maintenance standards established. when tightening a series bolts or nuts, begin with the center or larger diameter bolts and tighten them in crisemss pattern in Me or more steps. 3 0 o 9 Use new packings, gaskets. O-rings and cotter pins whenever reassembling. Use genuine HONDA parts and lubricants or those equwalent. When pans are to be reused, they must be inspected carefully to make sure they are not damaged or deteriorated and are in good usable condition. QQE-j IO