Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1988 Service Manual - Page 19

  • Honda Civic 1988 Service Manual - Page 19

    - Before clamping, check each connector cover (or damage. Also make sure that the Jemale cunnector is tight and not loosened from the prevtous use. - Insert male connectors intu the temaie connectors fully until [hey will no longer go. - Be sure that plastic cover is placed over the connection Position the wires so that the open and of the cover is flat facing upward. - Secure wires and wire harnesses m llle frame with their respective wire hands at the designated locations. Pnsition the wiring in the bands so that unly the insulat- ed surfaces contact the wires or wire harnesses. - A loose wire harness or Cable can he a hazard Ia Safety After Cllmping, check each wire for securin in its clamp J - Do not squeeze wires against the weld when a weld-on clamp is usad. O x LA After clamping, check each harness to he certain that it IS nDl interfening with any moving or slr ng pans of the vehicle. Keep wire harnesses away tram the exhaust pipes and other he! part5. Always keep a safe distance between wtre harnesses and any heated parts. Keep suffifiell! flimnul .1 H 1 «A N. l‘ Do not bring wire harnesses in direct contact with sharp edges or corners. - Also avoid cement with the projected ends of bolls. screws and other fasteners, Route harnesses so they are not pulled taut or siackened excess-ver. tcont‘dl 1-13