Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1988 Service Manual - Page 20

  • Honda Civic 1988 Service Manual - Page 20

    ’reparation of Work - Electrical (contd) - Protect wires and harnesees with tape or a lube if they are in contact with a sharp edge or corner. % - Clean the attaching surface thoroughly if an addhesive is used. First, wioe With solvent or alcohol in necerv. - Seat grommets in their grooves properly 0 Xi do - Do not damage the insulation when connecting a wire. - Do not use wires or harnesses with a broken insulation. Flepair by wrapping with a protective tape or replace with new ones ii necessary. - After installing pans. make sure thiit wire hameses are not pinched. - Alter routing. check that the wire harneses are not twisted or kinked. - Wire herrieeaes should be routed so that they are not pulled taut, slackened exoevely. pinched, or inter- fering with adjacent or surrounding parts in all steering Positions. - When using the Service Tester, follow the inanufectuiers instructions and those described in the Shop Manual. - Do not drop parts. QWI ‘ 1% - Rust is the enemy of all finished surlaoes. Belore con- necting connectors and couplers, check the terminals and remove, it any, rust using a fine sand paper or emery Clulh. Bust-ind -14 ea,