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  • Honda Civic 1988 Service Manual - Page 3

    INTRODUCTION — How to Use This Manual This manual contains service information for the CIVIC COUPE CRX. Separate volumes are published regarding vehicle construction, engine. and transmission; the applicable reference manuals are listed below. i This manual is divided Into sections. This first page of each section is marked with a black tab that lines up with one of the thumb index tabs on the next page. You can quickly find the first page of each section without looking through a full table of contents. The symbols printed at the top corner of each page can also be used as a quick reference system. Each section includes: 1 . A tabla of contents, or an exploded-view index showing: - Paris disasseinbly sequence. - Bolt torques and thread sixes: - Page references to descriptions in text. 2. Disassemblflassemblv procedures and tools. 3. Inspection. 4. Testing/troubleshooting. 5. Repair. 6. Adjustments. — Reference Manuals . . Date Description Code No. Remarks Fublished CIVIC COUPE CRX Construction 62$H210 Dec. 1937 and Funelinn DIZB/D1SB/D14A/D‘ISE/D16A fiZPMIOO 1.2 I SOHC l-Carburened Engine Nov. 1 537 Engine Maintenance and Repnir 1.31 SOHC 1-Carhurated Engine 1.4 l SOHC 2-Carbureted Engine 1.5 1 SOME ’i-Carbureted Engine 1.5 l SOHC 2-Carburetad Engine 1.5 l SOHC FGM-Fl Engine 1.6 l SOHC FGM-Fl Engine 1.6! DOHC FGM-Fl Engine L3 Manual Transmission 62FL3DO 5 Speed NOV. 1937 Maintenance and Repair — Special lnforinaticn Indicate: a siren; possib rty of uan personal iniury or Ins oi iiie ii instruc- tions are not followed. CAUTION: Indicates a possibility of personal not followed. jury or equipment damage if imtructions are NOTE: Gives helpful intonation. CAUTION: Dafiilaa descriptions of standard workshop procedures, salaty service operations re not Included. Please rim that this manual does contain warnings Ind cautions against some speci lewice mathods which could cause PERSONAL iNJURV, or could damage a vehicle or make it unsaie. Please understand that thase warnings cannot cover all conceivable ways in which service. whether or not recommend- ed by Honda Molar. might be done, or of the possible hazardous cmsaquanees oI aaah conceivable way. nor could Honda Motor investigate all such ways. Anyone using service procedures or tools. inn-ether or run recommended by Hondu Motor. mus-r sarisfy [iii-rise]! thoroughly that neither pmsonal safely nor vehicle safely will be jeopardized. All information contained in this manual is hosed on the latest product information available at the time OI printing. We reserve the righl to make changes at any time without notice. No part of this publica on may be reproduced. stored in retrieval system. ortransmitted. in any form try any means electronic. mechanical, photocopying, recording. or otherwise. without the prior written perrm§ion of the publisher. This includes text. figures and taoles. First Edition 12/87 723 pages All Rights Reserved HONDA MOTOR 120., LTD, Service Publication ofiiee