Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1988 Service Manual - Page 48

  • Honda Civic 1988 Service Manual - Page 48

    Engine Tune-up Radiator Cap Testing Km Syusrn is under high pressure when engine Is rm. To avoid danger of releasing scalding coolant, remove can only when engine is cool. 1. Remove the radiator cap, wet its seal with coolant, them Inslall it on the pressure tester. 2. Apply pressure of 74—103 “’3 (0.75—1.05 kg/cm’. 1 1—15 psi). 3. Check for a drop in pressure. 4. II there is a drop in pressure, replace the cap RADIATOR CAP r- Coolant Level Inspection 1. Check whether the coolant level in the coolant reser— VOIr tank is between “MAX” and MIN. UFPER LEVEL A = MAX LOWER —’ M | N LEVEL 2. Supply the coolant reservoir tank with coolant to MAX, if lhe coolant level is lower than MIN or near to MIX. NOTE: 0 Use only HONDA RECOMMENDED anti-fuel: / coolant. O For best corrosion yrmection, the coolant concen- tration must be maintained year-round at 50% MINIMUM. Coolant concentrations less than 50% may not provide sufficient protection against corro- sion or lreezing. O Coolant concentrations greater than 60% will impair cooling eifiniency and are not recommended. CAUTION: 0 Do not mix different bmnd Inli-freexe/noolanls. 0 Do not use 5 additional rust inhibitors or antirust products: they they not be compatible with the recommended coolant. Radiator Coollnt Refill Capacity: 1 (U.s.qt.. lrnp.qt.) 1.6! DOHC 4.5 (4.7. 4.0) 1.6 l SOHC 4.4 (4.6. 3.9) Including the reservoir tank capacity: O.4l(0.42 U.S.qt., D35 Imp. qt.) 3. See page 5-59 for refilling.