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  • Honda Civic 1988 Service Manual - Page 50

    Engine Tune-up Air Cleaner Element Inspection/ — Replacement Inspection 1. nemnve the air cleaner element. 2. Check me air cleaner element for fouling. NOTE: No cleaning is necessary for the alr cleaner element, because its filter rakes in 0i! 1: viscous type). Replace: every two years I The air cleaner element should be replaced more frequently on cars normally used under severe driving CDndiliOflS. Replacement 1, Remove the air cleaner cover AIR CLEANER COVER 2. Replace the element, install the air cleaner cover and tighten me clip. nut or halts securely. 7 Compression Pressure Inspection —— 1. Before Inspection, run me engine until it warms up (radiator fan comes .on). - 2. Disconnect spark plugs l4). 3. Disconnect the 24‘ connector (Ignition coil primary lead) from the distributor, Z-P CONNECTOR DISIRIBUTOR 4. Fit the compression gauge adapler into a plug hole. I Measure compression pressure at each cylinder. Cnmpmssian pressure: sonc Engine: 1,275 kPa (13.0 kg/em2. 135 psi) nr 250 min“ lrrrm) DOHC Engine: 1 .324 kPa (13.5 kg/erna, 192 psi) u 250 min (rpm) Limix: 932 “’3 (9.5 kg/crnz, 135 psi) u 250 rnin-= lrpm) Difference between cylinders: 169 m 12.0 kg/emZ. 23 psi] NOTE: Use a full charged battery. 5. If compression pressure is low, it is caused by wear or damage of piston rings or head gasket. and improper seated valves.