Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1988 Service Manual - Page 8

  • Honda Civic 1988 Service Manual - Page 8

    2hassis and Engine Numbers —Vehicle Identification Number E JHM EDS GSODSQDOOI Mmul‘amare. Make and Type of Vlhicle JHM: HONDA MOTOR C0., LTD.. JAPAN. HONDA. Pisserngarcar. Lina/Body and Engine Type EDS: CIVIC COUPE CRX 1600 Transmission Ind Bndy Type 3: 5-speed manual/Z-Duur Coupe Vehicle Grids 5: 12, l (I600, SOHC) 7: D! [1600, DOHCl S: SUZUKA FIEIMV Sari-l Numhr‘ y—Engine Number E man-1000001 Engine Type DISAS: 1.6! SOHC PGM—FI With catalytic Convener D15A7:1.6[ SOHC FGM-Fl Vlfirhaut catalytic converter D1GAE: 1.6! DOHC PGM-FI Mm catamic convernr D1SA9:1.61 DOHC PGM-Fl Wuhan: catalvlir.‘ Convener 0. thoul calalyric canvafler Ind KX, KG 7: KS, KW wilh calalyxic converter Serial Number y—Transmission Number Lil-EM ypu L3: Manual 5-speed Syria! Number