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  • Honda Civic 1989 Service Manual - Page 1

    Chassis and Engine Numbers Vehicle lden I cation Number Ji-wi Ens 3500§103g Manufacturer . Maks and Type of Vehicle JHMzHONDA moron cov, LTD” JAPAN. HONDA, Passenger car Line/Body and Engine type EDS. CIVIC COUPE cnx 1600 Transmission and Body type 3: 5»speed manual/Z-door Coupe Vehicle Grade) 6: 1,6i (1600 SOHC) 7: 1.6i1611600 none) Fixed Code Auxiliary Number Factory Coda s: Suzuks Factory Model Vear 1: 1989 Serial Numberii 7i, i 1-2 r Engins Number meg-M0001 Engine Type D16A7: LS! sow: PGM»FI Engine without catalytic Convener for xv model 1.6! DOHC PGM-FI Engine with catalylic converter fur KX, KW, KO mode|s 1.61 none PGM-FI Engine Without catalytic convener for KF, KW, x5, KE models 1.6! DOHC FGMVFI Engine wiKh caulyfic converter for KG, KS models Serial Numbeiw_ # .msn: Starting from No.2000001, ‘ DieAs, DI6A9: Slaning lrorn No.1200001. ‘ Dials Slaning from No.1OODOO1. DisAa: D‘GAQ: D1625. ’— Transmission Numberi i 7 among Transmisaion “We L3: Manual 5~speed Serial Number