Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1989 Service Manual - Page 10

  • Honda Civic 1989 Service Manual - Page 10

    — Electrical lo, Ccal or fill pans with speerlred grease as speclfled . aelore maklng any repairs on eleclnc wires or pans, (Page 472l. Clean all removed pans wnn splyem upon dlsconnecl me banery cables from me ballerv srarung disassemmy. wnh [he negallve l7] lermlnal @s - Alxer malnng reparrs, check each wlre cr parl for proper rounng and inslallanon. Also check lo see mal they are connected properly ‘ Always connecl II’Ie bauery posluve (H cable first, men connect the negauye (s) cable. Brake fluid and hydraulic componems ‘ when replenishlng lhe syskem, use extreme care to preyenl dus‘ and dlrt from enrenng me sysrern . Do not mlx urlverem brands of lluid as lhev may not be Compzhble, ~ Do nol reuse dralned Drake lluld a Brake fIUld can cause damage to palmed surfaces. Wipe up spilled fluid at once, e After arscpnneeling brake hoses or pipes, be sure lp plug the openings (0 prevent loss of brake fluid. v Clean all dlsassembled parts only In clean BRAKE FLUID Blow open all holes and passages wllh compressed alr. K (a. Coat lhe lermrnals wllh clean grease aftel canneclrng me ballery cables. . Dnnl larger m lnslall me lermlnal cover over the posulve ballery lermlnal aher connecnng. Before lnslalllng a new luse, rsplare Ihe cause and lake correcuye measures, parllcularly when lrequenl luse tarlure occurs - Keep dlsassembleu pans from arr-borne duel and abrasrves. . Check Ihal pans are clean belore assembly. Use eorreer raungl l2. Avold ml or grease genan on rubber pans and rubes, unless speemeu. ‘3 Upon assembling, check every pan fol proper installa- IIOI’I and ODeVallOll. - Be sure to lnstall [he lermlnal cover over (he connecllons aller a wlre or ‘ harness has been connecled COVER TERMlNAL (nonldl 1-11