Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1989 Service Manual - Page 11

  • Honda Civic 1989 Service Manual - Page 11

    Preparation of Work — Electrical (cont’d) - When removmg locking couplers, be sure to disengage the lock before disconnectrng - Couplers may be of two rypes. those I WhICh the lock IS pressed in remove, and those In which [he lock is pulled up la remove Be sure to ascerlaln the type 0! locking aewce belore beglnnlng work. The tollowmg IS a deplcr non of the means or dlscunnectlng venous (Vplcal Cour piers, Press to disengage: Pull up to disengage: . wnen disconnecting locks, first press “1 me coupler Ughlly 1 [0 provide clearance Io Ihe locking devrce), then operate the tab rully and remoye the coupler rn the desrgnated manner. . All plastic plugs have locktng tabs (he! must be released before disconnecting, and must be aligned when re~ connecting. ~ When dlsconnecllng a coupler, Dull It Off from the matrng coupler by holding on both couplers Never lry to disconnect couplers by pulling on their mo X A 3 (Egg d . Belore connecting couplers, check to see Ihat the Iermiy nals are in place and are no! bent or dlslorled . lnserr couplers lully until they will no longer 90 . Some couplers have lockrng tabs lhal must be aligned and engaged securely, ‘ Dont use wlre harnesses with a lease wire or coupler imfl . Place me piastic cover over the mating coupler atter reconnectlng, Also check that the cover :5 not drstorted @Loiv: 1-12