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  • Honda Civic 1989 Service Manual - Page 12

    e Belore clamping, check each connecror cover for damage Also make sure Ihat me lemale connector rs ngnr and nsl loosened lrorn rhe prevluus use X . Inserl male connecmrs lnro rhe female conneelsrs fully unIII they wlll no longer go. - Be sure that plasllc cover ls placed over the connecllon - Fashion lhe wires so lnal me open end cl rhe cover is nm facmg upward. e Secure wlres and we harnesses lo me frame with men respecllve wwe bands at the deslgnated locallons, Posmon lhe wlring ln me bands so (her only the lnsulal- ed Surfaces comact me wives or wlre harnesses ‘ A loose wlre harness or cable can be a hazard o safe‘y After clamplng, check each ere for securlty ln us clamp. O x MM ~ Do nm squeeze wires agalnsl lhe weld when a weldron clamp is used 0 X LA— Alrer clamping. check each harness to be cerraln rhar n ls not lnlevferrlng wlth any moving or sl-dlng pans dl rhe vehlcle Keep wire harnesses away from lhe exhaust Dunes and other ho‘ Dans Always keep a safe dlslance belween WIre harnesses and any healed pans Keel: sunlclenr dlslnnce! 3 § 3 ‘ 3? ,5 DD nol brlng wlre harnesses .n dlrecl conlael wrth sharp edges or comers Also avord contacr wnh lhe prolecled ends 0! balls, screws and other fasxeners. Roule harnesses so may are not pulled ram or slackened excessnrely. W lconldl 1-13