Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1989 Service Manual - Page 13

  • Honda Civic 1989 Service Manual - Page 13

    Preparation of Work — Electrical (contd) . Protect wires and harnesses wrm laps or a lube u may are in comer mm a sharp edge or corner W...“ - Clean me attaching surrace thorougan ir an adhesive is used. First, wipe wrm solver-r or alcohol if necessary, O x - Seal grommers m merr grooves properlvv s Do not damage Ihe Insulation when connecung a wire. ~ Do no: use wrres or harnesses wrrh a broken rnsulalron. Repair by wrapprng wnh rprorecuve Iape or replace wlrh new ones .0 necessary KR - Afler .nsralhng parts, make sure that wrre harnesses are nnl pinched. x Mr wrres be arncned - Afler rouung, check mar Ihe wlre harnesses are not twrsted or klnked ~ harnesses should be ruuled so lhal may are not pulled ram, slzckened sxcesswely, plnched, or Imerr lerlng wlm adlacen Dosmiuns, /fl Are range and pmanlv / corral) I or surroundrng pans In an steering v When usmg me Service Tester, follow rhe manufaclurers rnsIructions and Ih 05% descrlbed in me Shop Manual. 1% ~ Do nor drop pans @W‘i - Husr Is the enemy necnng connecmr and remove, If any clorh. ae ‘1? of a“ frnrshed surfaces. Before cone 5 and couplers, check the lermrnzls , rust usrng a fine sand paper or emery 1-14