Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1989 Service Manual - Page 14

  • Honda Civic 1989 Service Manual - Page 14

    Symbol Marks Abbreviation The lollowing symbols stand for: A/C Alr Condl loner Assy Assembly ATT Attachment 3 or BAT Battery CATA Catalytic Convener . . . EACV Electronic Air Comrol Valve 9 ‘APFV “9” ° Ecu PGM-Fl Electronic Control Uni‘ sen Exhaust Gas Recirculation ex Exhaust % :Apply brake fluidt em: Ground IG Ignition IN Intake INT intermittent .fil :Apply grease. L. Left LHD Lefl Hand Drive M/T Manual Transmission PCV E I . PGM-Fl Programmed Fuel-iniectlon : Apply Power Steering Flulde NS Power Swarm Rt Right RHD Right Hand Drive sw Switch 50L, v Solenoid Valve :Applv or check vacuum. TDC T°° Dead Cen‘e : Sequence for removal or installation 1-15