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  • Honda Civic 1989 Service Manual - Page 30

    Lubricatlon Points No. LUBRICATION POINTS LUBRICANT 1 Engine API Sen/ice Grade: SE or SF SAE Viscosity: See chart below 2 Tansmission Manual AP! Servlce Grade: SE or SF SAE Viscosity: See chart below 3 Brake reservoir Brake fluid DOT 3 4 Power steering reservoir Honda power steering fluid P/N 08208799961 5 Steering gearbox (Power steering) Honda steering grease P/N 08733—BO7OE 6 Steeran gearbox(Manual steering) 7 Tilt steering 8 Steering ball joints 9 Suspension ball joints to Steering boots I1 Shift lever pivot 12 Steering column bushlngs 13 Pedal llnkage Multlapumose Grease 14 Brake master cylinder push rod 15 Tailgate hinges l6 Door hinoes upper and lower 17 Door Queuing detents 13 Fuel filler lid 19 Engine hood hinges 20 Engine hood lalch Piston seal I 21 Caliper 0“ 5” silicone Grease Cahpor Din Piston Recommended Engine Oil r 7 Roofinendedfianual Ensim‘lssion on (SE or SF Grade dill Singlea grade l zuvt-Ao, mesh —30 ~20 — l o o 10 20 30 40°C - Mum, W40 Transmission orl viscosity Ior was — ambient temperature ranges CAUTION: Used engine oil may cause skin cancel ,30 20 10 o ‘0 20 30 40°C il repeatedly left in contact me altin for pro» 40 o 80 U longed periods. Although this unless you ‘ ° ° 2° 6 ‘00 F handle used oil on a daily bee I advisable to thoroughly wash your hands soap and water Engine 0;. viscosiw to, as soon as oossittle nker handling used oil. ambient temperature ranges 4-2