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  • Honda Civic 1989 Service Manual - Page 35

    — Engine Oil Replacement Engine Tune-up 1. Weim up me engine. 2. Drain the engine OIL CAUYION: Used engine all may csuse skin can»: i1 iepeeledly lek ln contact will. file skin for pro- longed periods. Although mi u kely unless you handle used oil on a daily b. 5 still advisable lo Ihoroughly wssl. your hsnds wnll snap and waler as soon as possible after handling used oil. NOTE: Remove the filler Cap to speed draining. OIL PAN DRAIN PLUG As N~m (4,6 kn-m, 33 Ibrfl) 3. Reins1all the drain plug wilh a new washer, and refill with (he recommended oil. SOHO 3.0 m (32 us ql. 2.7 lmp. qt) DOHC 3,3 in [3.5 us ql, 2.9 Imp. qt) sxcludlng oil filter SOHC’ 3 5 lit [3 7 us ql, 3.1 Imp qt) DDHC 3.5 In (4 0 us ql, 3.4 imp, all a! change, including fille! soHc: 4.0 in (4.2 us qt, 3.5 Imp. qt) DOHC 4 3 in (4.6 us qt, 3.3 Imp. an Capacity Every 10,000 km (5,000 nulesl 0 s monLhL Chang? Racommlnded Ennim on (SE er sF Grade onlvl Single and: 40W: so an IOD°F Exp-cud Ambient Tnnpumun hafni- um all dung- NOTE: Oil filler should be replaced a! each DH change,