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  • Honda Civic 1989 Service Manual - Page 36

    Engine Tune-up 7 Oil Filter Replacement [m :Aher the engine has been run, the exhaust pipes will ba hon ha carerul when working around me exhaust manifold . CAUTION: Us d engine oil may cuuse skin cancer if rapaaredly Ion in domain wirh die skin (or prolonged pariods. Although di un sly unless you handle used oi on a daily basis it Is st advisable to moroughly wash your hands wrrh soap and water as soon as pos- sible aha! handling used oil. l . Remove the oil filler with the special oil filler socket or wrench 2. Inspect the threads and rubber seal on the new filter. wipe 0 seal on engine block, then apply a llth coal 0 oil to the rubber seal, and install filter 3‘ After the rubber seal is seated, tighlen the filter by turning approximaielv three quarter turni Inspect threads and rubber seal sudace. Apply oil to rubber seal before insralllngv ENGINE olL COOLER (standard for some iyper) JAPAN-MADE TYPE (filter size 80.0 mml all. FILTER sochr 079124110001 rorquo: dim qusnor turn (22 N~m (2.2 kg»m,16lb—h)) ENGINE OIL COOLER (Standard lor some types] FRANCEMADE TYPE (filter size 76.2 mm) OIL FILTER WRENCH NOTE: Aunly lrom LABINAL s.AV Torqun: three all-nel- iurn (22 Man (2.2 kg-m,16lh-ml ENGINE OIL COOLER lsrandard fm some Npesl 4‘ Start the engine and check Ihe filter for evil leakage. 5-4