Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1989 Service Manual - Page 43

  • Honda Civic 1989 Service Manual - Page 43

    .6 DOHI: wiflmul CATA FAST |DLE CONTROL THRorrLE ANGLE SENSOR MANIFoLo ABSOLUTE fm‘ENO‘D VALVE 6 57 noublesnooung, page 6733 PRESSURE [MAP] SENSOR roubleenocung. page a Troubleshoonng, page 5.24 TDC/CRANK SENSOR rmubleshoonng, page Gaze INJECTOR RESISTOR (TA) SENSOR CVL SENSOR Troubleshoolmg, page 642 Troubleshooting, page 8-40 cooLANT YEMPERATURE (TW) SENSOR Ymubleshocmng. page 6-36 DOHC with CATA MANIFOLD ABSOLUTE FURGE cur-OFF PRESSURE IMAPI SENSOR SOLENOID VALVE Too/CRANK smson Troubleshoohng. page 5-24 Troumesnooung page 6-72 Tmubleshaotmg, page 6-26 / FAST IDLE coNTRoL SOLENOID VALVE Truubleshaming, page 6»57 CVL SENSOR l’rouhleshuolmg, page 340 INJECTOR RESISTOR OXYGEN (oz) SENSOR Troubleshooung, page 6-22 COOLANT TEMPERATURE (TW) SENSOR Tmubleshoolmg, page 6441 TMROTTLE ANGLE SENSOR Troubleshooting, page 6738