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  • Honda Civic 1989 Service Manual - Page 7

    Towing F Towing If lowing is necessary, we recommended the following: Flor Bed Equipment: Enlire car is winched on a at bed vehicle, This is me besl way of lowmg the car. wneel Lin Type: From or rear of me car is llerd al mo wneels and is sullable ler me can CAUTION: ll a sling rype low is used, the low (luck driver should posltlon wood spacer blocks bmwcnn the car’s frame and the chains and lift straps to avoid damaging the bumps! and ma body. Do nol use the bumpers to Iifl the car 0! m support the Cals wa‘gh‘ while ‘owing. check Incal legula» lions for lowi g. TOWING HOOKS Emergency rowing with all four wheels on me ground: Undel cerlain emergency condilions, ine car may need io be towed with all four wheels on me ground. If ine car is (owed wlln all iciur wheels on ihe ground, check local regulations and observe ine following preeauiions - Shift the transmission to neuiral. 0 Release ine parking brake e Tum rne ignltlon to me “I” Dosmon to unlock lhe Steeringr 0 Do not exceed 55 kph (35 mph) or tow «or disianees oi more man 30 km (50 milesL If a frame mount low bar is used with a loul wheel low: I Do not anach it to the bumper, I Follow (he [aw bar manufacmrers instructlons. rim. row mm or me in row a cer, your ab tv to salon control the ear may be adversely “famed. 1-8