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  • Honda Civic 1989 Service Manual - Page 8

    Preparation of Work — Spe al Cau on Items For This Car I. Fuel Line Servicing Relieve fuel pressure by loosening the service bolt provided on the top al the fuel filter belore disconnecling a fuel hose or a fuel pipe. SERVICE son 12 him (I 2 kgrm, 9 Ib-tt) 5H0? TOWEL FUEL FILTER - Be sure to replace washers. Orrlngs, and rubber seals With new ones when serv ng fuel line pa‘rts « Always apply oil to the surIaces of (lungs and seal rings balore installation Never use brake fluid, radiator fluid, vegetable oils or alcohol- based oils, RUBBER SEAL ®3 Mime { CUSHION mm; ® FUEL INJECTOR - wnen assembling the llare joint oi the high pressure fuel line, clean the jolnt and coat wllh new engine oil. ~ When installing an injector, check the angle ol the coupler. The cenIeI line oi the coupler should allgn with the setting mark on the injectol holder FUEL PIP E J SETYING MARKS inspection Ioi Iuel leakage ~ After assembling fuel IIne pans, turn ON the igr nition switch (do not operate the starter) so that the fuel pump Is operated for approximalelv ‘wo seconds and the fuel is pressurized, Repeat this operatlon two or three times and check whether any tuel leakage has occurred in any at the vane ous points In the fuel line. |nstallation ol an amateur radio. Care has been taken for the PGM-Fl ECU leomrol unit) and its ring to prevent erroneous operation from external interterence, but erroneous operaIion of Ihe control unit may be caused by extremely strong radio waves. Attention must be paid to me following items to prevent arroueous operation of the control unit. - The antenna and [he body ol the radlo must be at least 200 mm (7.9 in ) away from the computers The control unit location: - PGM-FI ECU: Pasaanger’s side from lower panel 0 Do not lead the antenna leeder and the coax-al cable over a long distance parallel to the cars wiring When crossing With the wmng is required, execute crossing at a right angle Du not Install a radio with a large oulput (max. 10 W), Apnlv liquid gasket to the transmissmn, oil pump cover, right side cover and water outlet. Use Honda genuine liquid gasket, PART NO. 0V740~ 99586. - Check that the mating surlaces are clean and dry belore applying liquid gasket. Degrease the mating suriaees ii necessary. ) ~ Apply liquid gasket evenly, being paraiul to cover all the mating surlace, - To prevent leakage at oil, apply liquid gasket to the inner threads of the bolt holes. - Do not install the pans ll 20 minutes of more have passed after applying liquid gasket. In that case, reapply liquid gasked after removing old one. Alter assembly, wait at least 30 minutes before filling the appropriate liquid (engine oil, coolant and other simllar flmd). 1-9