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  • Honda Civic 1989 Service Manual - Page 9

    Preparation of Work CAUTION: Observe a saiety precautions and notes while working. 1 Protect all painted surfaces and seats agzlnst dlrr and scratches wtth a clean cloth or vrnyl Cover I.“ (ll 2. Work sarer and give your work your undlvlded atten» tron When either the from or rear wheels are to be raised, block the remernrng wheels securely Commu- nicale as frequently as p05 Ie when work Involves two or more warkers, Do not run the engine unless the shop or working area is well ventilated. 3 Prior to removing or disassemblrng parts, they must be Inspecled Carefully lo isolate [he cause for which service Is necessary, Observe all satety notes and precautions and follow the proper procedures as de- ed In Ihls manual. Mark or place all removed pans In order in a parts rack so they can be reassembled tn their original places 5, Use the special tools when use of such is specliedr 6 Parts must be assembled With the proper torque according ID the maintenance standards established. 7, When Ilghlening z senes bolts or nuts, beg-n With the center or large dtameter bolts and tighten them in crtsscross pattern tn two or more steps 3 Use new packings, gaskels, O-rlngs and cotter pins whenever reassembllng, 9. Use genuine HONDA parts and luoneants or those equivalent. wnen parts are to be reused, they musl be Inspected carefully to make sure they are not damaged or deteriorated and are in good usable condlllon. ©©@