Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1990 ED9 ED6 Service Manual - Page 10

  • Honda Civic 1990 ED9 ED6 Service Manual - Page 10

    CAUTION: Observe all salary preeaurions and nores w ewmking. 1, Prereel all painred surlaees and seals agalnsl dun and serarenes wlm a clean clmh or Vlnyl cover I... g 2 Work safely and glve your work your undlvlded aliens non wnen eilher me lronr or rear wheels are re be raised, block me remalnlng wneels securelv Commus meals as frequently as possible when work involves two or mure warkers Do not run the englne unless rhe shop or working area is well ventllatede 3 Prlcr Io removlng or dlsassembllng uarls, rhey mus! be lnspecled carefully lo Isolate rlre cause lor whlch servlce is necessary Observe all saler neles and precaullons and follow rhe proper procedures as de scribed ln nus manual 4 Mark or place a|| removed pans In order ln a pans rack so they can be reassembled ln Ihelr orrgrnal places 5, 5. 9 Use the speclal tools when use 0 such is spec Pens musl be assembled wuh rhe proper torque accoldlng re me maintenance slandavds esrabllshed When nghrenlng a serles balls or nuls, begln mm the center or lavge dlameter bolts and ugmen rhem ln crlssuoss panel In lwo or more SIEDS Use new packlngs, gaskels, Ornngs ana eorrer pins whenever reassembllng Use genulne HONDA pans and Iubrlnanls 0: those equivalem wrlen parrs are h) be reused, Ihev musr be lnspecled carelully lu make sure lhey are nor damaged or derenoraled and are In good usable condmon ©©@ led. lcom’d) 1-11