Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1990 ED9 ED6 Service Manual - Page 11

  • Honda Civic 1990 ED9 ED6 Service Manual - Page 11

    Preparation of Work 1o. Coat er fl“ parls wrrh specrlrea grease as speculed (Page 4»2l Clean all removed pens with solvent upon drsasemhly. IL Brake um and hydraulic components e wnerr replenishing rne system, use exlreme care to prevent dusl and dlrt from emerlng me svsxern. ~ Do no! mlx dlfleram brands 0 fluld as lhey may not be comparrble Do no! reuse dralned brake Iuld Brake fluid can cause damage [0 palnled surlaces, Wlpe up splued lluld at once. Alrer dlsconnec g brake hoses or plpes, be sure m plug the openlngs to prevent loss of brake iluld ~ Clean a dlsassembled Bars only ln clean BRAKE FLUID Blow open all holes and passages wllh compressed aIF. r Keep drsassembled parts lrorn alr-bome dust and abrasrves. e Check rnal parls are clean before assembly l2. Aled ml or grease genlng on rubber earrs and tubes, unless specrlred. 13 Upon assembling, check every pan ler proper lnslallaa ’ n and opeumon - Electrical aelore maklrlg any reparrs on eleurlc wrres or pans, dlsconnect Ihe pauery cables from (he barrery s‘anlng wlth rhe negallve (a: rermrnal Q) I P \ Aner maklng repalvs, check each wlle or pan for proper rounng and lnslallarlon Also check «2 see that they are connected DrDDEVIy Always connecr rhe banery pesmve l+l cable rrrsr, then cennecr me negauve (—l Cable 3/ (e; Coal rne rermrnals wllh clean grease aher cunnecllng me banery cables Don r larger to rnsrall rne rermrnal cover over me posluve ballerv lermlnal aller connecung. Belore lnslalllng a new fuse, rsalare me cause and lake currecllve measures, panrcularly when lrequem (use larmre occurs Use conecl raung! Be sure Io rnslall me lerrmnal cover over me connecnons alrer a wrre or wlve harness has been connecred COVER TERMINAL 1-12