Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1990 ED9 ED6 Service Manual - Page 12

  • Honda Civic 1990 ED9 ED6 Service Manual - Page 12

    - wnen removmg locklng couplers, be sure [0 dlsengage me luck bemre dlsconnecllng. Couplers may be ol lwo lvpes, those rn whlch Ihe lock rs pressed to remove, and mass In whlch llre lock Is pulled up lo remove Be sure lo ascErIaln (he rype of locking device belore beglnnlng work The vollowrng Is a deple- non at me means ol dlsconnecnng varlous lvplcal cou- plers Press m disengage‘ Pull up to disengage: - When d-sconnecung locks, lrrsl press rn lhe couplev tlghlly l to provlde clearance to [he Iockmg dewce), men opevale the lab fully and remove lhe coupler nu ma deslgnaled manner - All plssllc plugs have lockan labs Ihat must be released before dlsconnecllng. and musl be aligned when lee cunnecllng ~ when dlsconnecnng a couple], null ll off from [he manng coupler by holdlng on both couplers. ~ Never try to dlsconnecl couplers by Dulllng on men wures. ~ Below connectmg couplers, check to see that me lerml- nals ale In place and are nm ham or dlsloned. - lnserl couplers lullv urml mev wlll no longer go » Some couplers have locklng labs lnax musl be allgned and engaged securely ~ Don‘l use wne harnesses mm a loose wlre or couplev SEC) - Place (he plasuc cover over me mallng couplsv aller reconnecan Also check mar me cover rs not arslorled com dl 1-13