Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1990 ED9 ED6 Service Manual - Page 13

  • Honda Civic 1990 ED9 ED6 Service Manual - Page 13

    Preparation of Work - Electrical (cont‘d) . Before clamping, check each conneclol cover la: damage. Also make sure Iha! [he female connecmr ls ugh: and um loosened from the prevlous user X lnsen male connectors mm the lemale connecmrs lully unul mey wlll no longer 90 Be sure ma: plasuc cover IS placed over me Connecllon Poslhon the wues so thal the open end of the cover ‘5 nm laclng upwavd . Secure wnes and we harnesses (0 me frame wrm men respecllve wlre bands al me dESIQnaled locallons Posmon me wmng ln the bands so mm only he lnsulae ea surlaces comacl lhe wues or we harnesses O X . A lease wrre harness or cable can be a hazard to salety Aner clamplng, check each wlre for securlly m llS clamp O x $57M - Do not squeeze wlres agalnsl Ihe weld when a weldaon clamp IS used 0 X LA ~ Aher clamping, check each harness m be ceuarn that .1 Is nol lmerlerrlng wnh any movlng 0v sllulng parls ol the vehlcle ~ Keep WIle harnesses away lrom lhe exhaust pipes and omer hot pans - Always keep a sale d-srance nelween wlre hzvnesses and any healed pans Keep sufllclem dlsuncel - Du nol brlng wire hamesses m dlrec! conlacl wnh sharp edges nr comers ~ Also avold comacl wnh the prolecled ends 0! bolts, screws and olhel fzsleners ~ Home harnesses so may are nor pulled lam or slackerled excesslvelv 1-14