Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1990 ED9 ED6 Service Manual - Page 14

  • Honda Civic 1990 ED9 ED6 Service Manual - Page 14

    - Prolect wwres and harnesses wvlh tape or a lube M Key ~ Afler roulmg. check (ha! Ihe wile harnesses are nm are m comaex mm a sharp edge or corner, wasted or kmked ) “‘ W‘re harnesses should be routed so that xhev are no! pulled taut, slackened excesswelv, plnched, or mlers fevlng with ad‘acenl or surroundlng pans In all Sleermg Posmons ~ Clean the anacnmg surface moroughly If an adheswe is used Flrs(, wrpe wuh smvem or a‘cohol If necessary O x Ale range and poVanly ‘ - When usmg the Sew-ca Tes‘er, fonow me manulacmrers strucuons and mose descllbed m the Shop Manual. Do not damage ms Insulallon when connecllng a wure Do nu! use wvres or harnesses with a broken msulanon Repaiv by wrapping with Dvotactlve (ape or replace wvlh new 0025 l necessary. X - Do not drop Darts / @TN/ % ‘ ‘1‘ (k . Rusr Is me enemy of all nmsned surfaces Belore cons 1% necung connectors and couplers, check me termvnals and remove, rt any, msr usmg 2 (me sand paper or emery c‘olh . Seat grommets m merr gvooves properly ~ After Installlng pans. make sule Ihal wrre harnesses are not punched [5131mm be pmched 1-15